P.E Sessions And After School Clubs

As Part of the ever growing concern regarding child obesity, generally being unfit and lacking in Social Skills, with nearly 70% of Primary School children being proven to be unfit. Also meaning that most of these children will become unhealthy adolescents and then Adults.


67% of 5 to 11 Year Olds were unable to reach running and jumping targets

24% fell significantly below the recommended levels - a cause for concern


Clare Sales School of Dance feels very passionate about this problem and this is why we do so much work within schools to help try and combat this ever growing problem. We do a variety of fun dance based exercise sessions that will get even the most physically challenged children enjoying exercise.

We can choreograph the Dance Exercises to suit specific topics that the children are already learning within school (e.g. Multi Cultural Dancing etc, harvest festivals.) or we can just use our own, already choreographed fun dance exercises to get your children up & moving.  

Also every year at our Dance School we enter our pupils into a dance exam (where they will be examined by a fully qualified IDTA examiner) which we feel helps build their confidence within themselves and how they feel about exercise. This opportunity (at the discretion of the school) can also be given to any pupil that attends one of our sessions for the full academic year only (this is to ensure that they are well prepared for their exam). Costs of these exams can be discussed if you decide that this is something that you are interested in.


Below is a list of Sessions that we run in schools, these sessions can be for as little as one session up to the full academic year and at times arranged by you (subject to availability).


P.E.Sessions - We can come into school and run your P.E Sessions with our fun dance exercise, suited to your preferences.


After School Clubs - We can also come to run an after school club again with our fun dance exercise programme, suited to the age group and your preferences.

Flash Mob - We also offer the chance for school to be taught a Flash Mob Dance (teachers included should you wish) to be performed at any of your schools events (e.g. Sports Days, Mini Olympics or Assemblies)


If you are interested in any of the above, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01773 688383

to discuss details and availability.