Meet The Team

All of our teachers have enhanced DBS’s and are all I.D.T.A/Professionally trained.

They all teach in multiple fields of dance from Freestyle, Street and Hip Hop to Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Ballroom and much more!




Acrobatics Art

Miss Tash is I.D.T.A trained in Ballroom, Latin, Freestyle, Street, Hip Hop, Modern Jazz, Lyrical, Tap and Gymnastics Dance.

She is also a qualified Acrobatic Arts Teacher in Acrobatics.

Hi my name is Miss Tash and I am one of the dance teachers here at Clare Sales School of Dance and have been with the school since it was established in 2011.

I have always loved to dance and have danced since the age of 3.

I have danced in many various dance shows, carnivals, charity events and have also competed in competitions around the country.

I love to teach the different styles of dance and to see the individuality of each child and how they express themselves through the music and dance. I love my job at Clare Sales School of Dance and working with the students helping them build their confidence and dance ability.

I am very grateful to be part of the team and I am so excited to see what the future brings for all the superstars here at Clare Sales School of Dance.”




Miss Lindo is I.D.T.A trained in Freestyle, Hip Hop, Commercial, Lyrical and Musical Theatre.


Hello, my name is Lindokuhle but people call me Lindo for short. I am currently a trainee student teacher here at Clare Sales School of Dance. I started as a dance pupil myself in 2013 and my confidence has grown continuously since. I then applied for an Assistant Teacher role and was accepted! I was so excited as I could begin challenging myself, pursuing the role and allowing myself to share my passion with other students. I am currently a college student specialising in Performing Arts and hoping one day to become a Theatre Director. I have always loved working with children, as it allows me to see their individuality and creativity in dance, and more importantly just being themselves. I am a prime example of starting as a student within Clare Sales School of Dance and working hard, to gain an amazing opportunity and be where I am today.




Miss Clare is an I.D.T.A trained choreographer, qualified in Freestyle, Hip Hop, Street, Modern Jazz, Commercial, Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Lyrical.


“Hi everyone, my name is Clare and I am proud to say that this Dance School is one of my greatest achievements to date. I am a mum of two: Joey who is 19 years old and Yasmin who is 16 years old.

I didn’t actually start dancing until I was in the middle of my 20’s, and although it was late I didn’t let it stop my goal of being a dance teacher.

I hope you find something on this website that is of interest to you, and if you do decide to choose one of our classes and begin your dance/exercise journey, then I look forward to meeting you.”




Miss Julie is I.D.T.A. trained in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Theatre Craft, Rock 'n Roll, Freestyle, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Musical Theatre, Street, Pole, Silks and Aerial Hoop.

Coach Jess.jpg


Coach Jessica is a fully qualified Cheerleading coach.


Hi my name is Jessica Kate Greaves, I am a fully qualified Cheerleading coach with over 10 years experience!

My passion for Cheer began at a very young age and when I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older? My answer was always a Cheerleader. Back then Cheer wasn’t a big sport in the UK, so by the age of 8 I begged my mother to start a cheerleading squad. By the age of 13 I joined a squad called the Angels, we went to competitions and did shows!

This unfortunately closed after a couple years.

By 2011 my love for cheer hadn’t gone and I decided to look for squads in my area but struggled to find any, this is when I decided I wanted to coach my own squad and this is when the Amber Valley Arrows was created and I went off to get my qualifications being one of the youngest qualified coaches around. We went on to win many competitions and even become the L2 senior champions of Wales!

By 2016 I felt I had fulfilled my time with my squad and due to me being pregnant and getting married I felt it was time to pass the coach role to someone else.

In 2017 I realised that I missed Cheer and decided to make use of my qualifications and create Pomfit (a fitness class) with Pom Poms and routines to music, this proved very popular.

In 2019 I had a job offer of taking on a Cheerleading squad here at Clare Sales Of Dance and of course it was a yes! My passion will never leave me and I will continue to grow and enjoy watching my new athletes grow too!




Lucy is I.D.T.A trained in Freestyle, Street, Hip Hop, Modern Jazz, Commercial and Lyrical.


I’ve been part of Clare Sales School of Dance since 2016 and been dancing since the age of 2 1/2 years. Ive competed in Ballroom and Latin competitions and performed in many venues across the country. Clare Sales School of Dance not only brought dance back into my life but gave me chance to become the teacher I am today. The school gives teachers and students opportunities within the performing arts, to encourage children of all ages and abilities to believe in themselves and grow in confidence and self esteem. I feel proud to be part of the school and to play a positive role in the student’s development.




Miss Jess is I.D.T.A trained in Freestyle, Street, Modern Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Theatre Craft, Commercial, Lyrical, Contemporary, Gymnastic Dance, Cheer Dance, Musical Theatre, Pointe and Burlesque.


Hi my name is Miss Jess and I’m a Student Teacher here at Clare Sales School of Dance and have been since early 2015.


I have been dancing since the age of 3 and have always had a love for all styles of dance, predominantly Ballet.


The best part of my job is seeing how the students have grown not only in dance, but in confidence over the last few years. 


I am so proud of each and every one of my students and I am so looking forward to the future at Clare Sales School of Dance. 




Miss Koral Is I.D.T.A trained in Freestyle, Street, Commercial and Lyrical.

Hello, my names Koral and I am currently working towards my teachers qualifications for freestyle dance.

I have always had a huge passion for dancing and always knew I wanted to be a dance teacher.

Working at Clare Sales School Of Dance has given me the opportunity to forfil my dreams and I am go grateful to be part of such an amazing team.

There is so much to offer here for every individual and seeing how happy and passionate the children are, make doing what I do so worth it.

I can’t wait to continue my studies to achieve my qualifications for becoming a freestyle dance teacher.